Online Retail Marketing Factors

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Just like any other enterprise, online retail marketing needs to consider different factors to assure success in the fast and furious world of online business.

These would include the quality of goods and services, the pricing policies, distribution channels, customer services, and promotions of the company. Traditional stores should establish an online presence.

Online retail

The strategy is to complement the storefront with online retail marketing, and vice-versa. The website can introduce surfers to its goods and services and their respective relevant information. (Storefront customers are also directed to the store’s site.)

The site can give the physical location of the store, contact information, email address and other information for use by the customer.

Web site

A big part of the online retail marketing set of policies is the setting up of the store’s site on the web. The site should be dynamic enough and appealing to the visitors.

Part of the retail marketing strategy is ensuring that webmasters (the designers) will have to stick to the basics of providing informative product pages while propagating their own creativity in producing the site.

Ease of use

Another effective online retail marketing strategy starts with a site that is not just well-designed but also easy to navigate. This ease of use provides a positive experience for the sites visitor.


Successful companies focus their advertising efforts on their own particular market segment. (This is known from conducted research surveys on their customer’s demographics.)

These surveys have collected their customers’ data such as gender, age, income brackets and educational levels. These data are then used in formulating a cost-effective advertising thrust of the company in relation to their products.

Customer information

The other sources of information about their customers are gathered from the local chamber of commerce, small business development centers and incubator companies.

This information is then used to make a demographic profile of their customer for use in their ad campaigns in both their sites and in their actual stores. This information can also yield some niche market potentials.

Product reviews

Operating as part of a larger strategy, the entrepreneur may want to use focus groups to examine potential products of the company to provide honest critiques about them later. This review shall form part in the decision process regarding the product and its manufacture.

There are other decisions that will affect the product and not just its reviews, pricing, distribution, customer service, and advertising.

Product policies

Another relevant factor in online retail marketing strategies is the stores’ product policies. For one, details on the different products have to be easy to access and to read.

The consumer has to be assured that any personal financial information submitted to the site is thoroughly protected from identity theft and fraud. Return policies and contact information need to be displayed prominently.

Other success strategies

Business owners, both old and new, need to update every now and then their strategies in retail marketing based on the relevant data on their current and prospective customers.

Innovative promotions, aggressive selling policies, new styles in customer relations, all these and more are needed. Online retail marketing is a continuing work in progress. Owners and entrepreneurs need to be on their toes always.

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